4 C's to success

Today I want to teach you about the 4 C’s to Success. I’m going to share what they are and why you need them to reach your goals and dreams.

I love sharing with my clients that discomfort is the currency to their dreams.

What does that mean? Simply put we can’t get from where we are now to where we want to be without feeling discomfort.

To grow into the version of you that has reached the goal you have to be willing to feel discomfort.

Changing your current thinking to your desired thinking, changing your current actions to desired actions requires discomfort.

I sometimes call this the “river of misery.”

This change is miserable and hard, but it doesn’t last forever. And even though it’s hard you know how to do hard things, and it’s far better to be in the current and the movement of the river than it is to be in a stagnant pond of misery not moving forward.  

What does this have to do with the 4 C’s to success?

Dan Sullivan teaches a concept called the “4 Cs,” which stands for commitment, courage, capability, and confidence. He says people who accomplish their goals are willing to move through these 4 Cs.

When we have a goal in mind, such as changing our eating, the first thing we must do is commit to that goal. We need to be willing to go all in to do whatever it takes to achieve it which includes feeling lot’s of discomfort and remembering that the only time we will fail is when we quit.

The rest I refer to as learning or winning, meaning we are either learning from what doesn’t work or having success.

After we commit no matter what, we’re willing to take whatever actions are necessary and feel whatever feelings that are necessary.

It means being willing to do new things to create different results and be curious in the process.

With this commitment comes the need for courage. Courage sounds like a noble thing. We often glamorize courage, but the truth is courage isn’t noble or glamorous when we are in the midst of feeling it.  It’s uncomfortable. 

But if a goal is worth accomplishing, if it stretches us and expands our potential, then it’s worth feeling courage as we work toward it.

Expect that courage will not feel good and know that nothing has gone wrong.

Discomfort or courage, or any negative emotion along the way just means you are headed toward your goal.

Once we display courage, we can develop skills that increase our capability. Capacity is knowing we know how to do it. When we learn and practice a new skill we build our capacity.

My clients who are losing weight are working on building their capacity to allow urges. They are building the capacity to make and stick to their plan and so much more.

When we become capable, we become confident in our new skills. When we are confident it makes swimming in that river so much easier.

When we are confident we have a new level of trust with ourselves. We have our own back no matter what is going on around us or what others do or don’t do.

We know that we are reaching the other side of the river and that is one of the best feelings ever.

There’s discomfort in all 4 of these C’s and it IS the currency to success.

It means we are growing, expanding, and becoming the next best version of ourselves. 

Now grab a pen and paper and answer these 3 questions for yourself.

How do you think viewing discomfort as a sign you are on the right track to move you forward?

What would it be like if you saw discomfort as a green light instead of a red or yellow light? ŒŒ

What uncomfortable emotions have you typically avoided that you would now be willing to feel to get to your goal? 

I’d love to know.

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