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I help middle aged women find work and design lives they love. I help them feel more confident, more hopeful and much happier.
I can help you do the same.

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I work with women in two ways


Midlife Women who want to be happy and healthy.


And midlife women who are ready to change their lives.

Are you a Midlife Woman who wants to lose weight and change your health?

It’s a beautiful thing when you finally figure out how to drop the weight you want to lose PERMANENTLY.
When you can love your body as it is while you are losing the weight you want to lose. When you know what works for you and your body (hint: it’s probably not the canned programs or fad diets you’ve tried).

When everything starts to come together, and you realize creating the body you want will not only impact your health but every other area of your life.

Here’s the thing..

Losing weight… Is one thing. Becoming the woman who achieves it permanently & loving herself along the way… Is another.

I meet amazing midlife women like you EVERY DAY who have achieved big things in their life, but still feel stuck at the starting line when it comes to their weight and health goals

You know the drill-

You tell yourself this time it will be different. You commit. It works for a while, but willpower wears off, celebrations happen, and you’re right back to where you started- feeling defeated and frustrated. And changing hormones doesn’t make it any easier.

You lose trust in yourself.

You lose belief in the goal.

You and I both know diets don’t work, but that doesn’t keep us from trying them over and over hoping the next will be the answer we’ve been searching for, and ending up with the same result every time. We live in fear of food and are exhausted from thinking about it all-day-long. We deprive ourselves one minute and tell ourselves we deserve a reward the next. We shame ourselves for not having control and caving when it gets hard.

There’s a better way. I know because I’ve found it. Dropping weight doesn’t require you to eat things you hate, count calories, and exercise multiple hours a week. 

Dropping weight and keeping it off does require something special. It requires learning to make decisions differently.

To love yourself from start to finish.

To ask for the support you need along the way.

That’s just some of what I’ll give you.

You bring commitment and desire.

I'll teach you the rest!

Are you a Midlife Woman who wants to change her life?

Most midlife women know they’ve got so much more life to live…
YOU know fulfillment and joy is possible for you…but you find yourself stuck in the same spots over and over again.

Our 20s – 40s were pretty charted out. You knew you’d establish a profession, get married, have kids, decide where you’d live.

Now you’ve hit midlife and life is different.

Your life is not the same and in many ways you aren’t the same either.

Your kids are gone.

Your desires are different.

Your identity feels different.

Your body is different.

Your relationships are different.

Maybe you’ve been excited for change, you’re clear on those midlife goals and dreams and start taking steps only to find yourself in the same, unmotivated spot a few weeks or months later.

Or maybe you don’t even know where to begin on this midlife journey. You just know you’re unsatisfied, unfulfilled and like something is missing.

Either way you know you want more and don’t know exactly how to make it happen.

The thing is we’ve had a lifetime of programming that got us to where we are today.

But to create the results we want in the next chapter of our lives it’s going to take some new programing and that’s not easy.

We are literally programmed to not change. To stay the same and to operate the way we always have.

And let’s face it if you do what you’ve always done you’ll create a life by default.

This is an invitation to create your next chapter on purpose. To get out of your own way. To be the woman and have the life you desire in midlife and beyond.

Together we’ll shift your mindset and leverage your emotions so you know the actions you need to take to find your purpose, the partner, the relationships, or the next job or career you want.

Whatever it is. You’ll find fulfillment, joy and satisfaction moving forward.

Let's do this!