Some lovely compliments from my clients.

Service 1

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“My session with Janelle revealed a HUGE blind spot that has deeply affected my business & my life. Now that I am aware I can take appropriate action to root it out of my life. Janelle’s work is powerful!”

Erika Lyremark Bestselling Author Of Think Like A Stripper

“In just one hour, Janelle uncovered an area of my business (and life) I’ve been procrastinating on and gave me a specific tool to help me engage in actually DOING what I’d been putting off. I can be pretty stubborn-minded, but Janelle’s work has helped me circumvent the mind so that I can adopt habits that benefit me AND my business. Plus, she does so with warmth, humor, and compassion. Janelle is a gem, and my business and I are grateful to have met her!”

Helen Hunter Mackenzie CEO Hunter Mackenzie Group

“Just 30 minutes talking with Janelle changed my life! I wouldn’t have believed such a claim before, but it’s true. She immediately put me at ease, creating a safe space for me to share what was going on and gently guided me in opening up to new possibilities. Suddenly a dynamic in my family that felt like a battle became an opportunity for love. I feel much more free and confident pursuing my goals now! I will always be grateful to Janelle. If you have an opportunity to have a session with her, go for it!!”

Blue Russ

“I am so happy to share my life-shifting experience of working with Janelle. What a kind, encouraging, intuitive, skilled and persistent coach, Janelle has been for me. I’ve worked with her for over 6 months now and she has been key to keeping me accountable to my vision. Before I started working with Janelle, I had a new dream I was pursuing. New visions are not always easy to bring to life and Janelle has been true champion of me, my gifts and my dream. Janelle has been intuitively on-the-money when I’ve been stuck and has encouraged me to stay true to my heart countless times. I just feel better and more hopeful having Janelle in my life as a coach and accountability partner. Thank you, Janelle!”

Susan Seale

“Working with Janelle has been absolutely AMAZING. Not only does she focus on detoxing and health but her program is about synchronizing and bringing harmony to all aspects of your life. Her coaching is nurturing to the soul and this LADY KNOWS HER STUFF!!! I went from not health conscious AT ALL to really making drastic changes in my eating habits and how I treat myself. Working with Janelle by far beats any “bottled” program you can find!”

Ronketi Brown

“My biggest takeaway from working with Janelle was discovering how much I can influence my body and well being by changing just a few habits. Working with Janelle was a great experience.”

Sonja Limone

“Janelle is really helping people create healthy lives through food and nutrition. I never felt like I was going at it alone and I was really impressed with all the content.”

Kristy Jaska

“In the time I worked with Janelle I’ve gone from feeling stuck to gaining new perspective. I’ve found the courage to try new things: meditation, zip lining, snuba, getting more involved with people at the gym, and seeing more possibilities for change. I am less judgmental of myself and others. I realize that I can pick and choose what works for me and I don’t have to cross every “t” and dot every “i”. I’ve learned that wellness is a whole picture and not just the number on the scale. She gave me the tools and coaching I need to continue the journey toward achieving my dream with more confidence and clarity.”

Melissa Johnson

“Before working with Janelle I wasn’t making good meal choices, I couldn’t seem to get myself to take action with anything that would help me feel better (physically and mentally). Literally, my aha moment was finally getting to the core of my lifelong belief of being unlovable and thus not worth taking care of. In working with Janelle, I have realized I am lovable, I am worth loving! I am worth taking care of. I’m learning that it is safe to let people into my world (slowly)):) On a practical level, I have learned what foods give me energy and what ones zap me of energy and discovering how to make decisions consciously. I’ve made more progress in the six months working with Janelle than the 20 years of off/on therapy. I’m still a work in progress but feel so optimistic about my future and what I can accomplish.”

Kelly B

“Before I started working with Janelle I didn’t feel good about myself or my body. I was lacking energy and was in a constant battle with food. I felt like I was wasting my life away, and I wasn’t as happy as I wanted to be. Since working with Janelle, I’ve dropped weight, gained confidence, and made peace with food. I recognize how important I am and have stopped using food as a reward because I have other tools. I’ve discovered eating well doesn’t have to be hard. I love myself in a whole new way and recognize my importance. I am happier and more at peace in my relationships and with my life. This program was a gift. Things I feared became unimportant and I feel better than ever about my life and my body. Thank you Janelle.”