Further along
Thinking you should be farther along than you are?
This might seem useful, but it’s actually a lie.
How do we know?
You aren’t further along.
If you were supposed to be, you would be.
It’s an un-useful judgment that creates feelings of frustration, guilt, shame, and other emotions that keep you stuck.

Thinking you should be further along when you aren’t is like thinking:

~A seed should be a flower before it is.
~The patio remodel complete when it’s not.
~A new employee making more money before they are.

Thinking you should be further along than you are slows you down.

It’s only arguing with reality, and as Byron Katie says, “When we argue with reality we never win.”
The truth is we should have the result when we become the person who has it.
We don’t become the person who has the result by doing more, and we become the person who has it by evolving into who that person is.

Becoming the person that has the result means getting to know who that person is.

It happens with emotions like curiosity, grace, ease, courage.
Get out a pen and paper. Imagine you are watching her going about her day and write the answers to these questions.
  • What does she think about the goal?
  • What are the feelings she feels most throughout her day?
  • What actions does she take?
  • What habits do these thoughts and feeling create for her?
  • What obstacle is in your way now, and what would she do?
  • What advice would she give?
  • What does she wear?
  • What struggles do you have that she doesn’t and why?
  • What is she believe that you aren’t?

Now start practicing these thoughts and feelings.

Start believing what she believes, and then you’ll be further along.

It works.

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