Two shortcuts to stop letting your past create your future


Let’s talk for a minute about the difference between past and future focus and two shortcuts to stop letting your past create your future.

Last Friday ‘s post was about living your midlife potential. You can check it out here. When we think about our potential and what we can create or become, it’s completely related to how we think about the past and how we think about the future.

Most of us live focused on the past. We can think of many ways that we’ve been hurt or failed or traumatized or rejected or abandoned, or disappointed.

We tell ourselves long stories about our past. Either our past was terrible or unsuccessful and so our present and future will probably be too, or our past was better but we lost it and so now we’re sad.

We think of what we should have done and feel defeat and shame and those emotions don’t move us forward.

I often see women beat themself up over the past thinking it will push them into action.

The truth is you can’t beat yourself into success or happiness.

When you’re defining yourself by your past, you’re going to create more of your past because you will recycle the same past thinking that lead to the same past way of making decisions.

If you want to create something new you have to think thoughts you’ve never thought before and you for sure won’t find them in the past.

Now if defining your future potential based on the past is your MO you are completely normal. Our minds love to make decisions based on the past because it’s predictable and safe. We learn from our experience what works and what doesn’t so the brain loves to go back and make decisions based on what we already know.

No one focused on the past feels awesome about their current day life or their future potential.

So what I want to ask you to do this week is to think (and practice thinking) thoughts you never have before just for the fun of it.

Think of your future potential when you’ve accomplished that midlife goal or dream- the one you deeply desire. The one that you want to achieve so badly it almost hurts.

Then I want you to think from your future. From what is possible.

That’s the shortcut to stop letting your past create your future.

The easiest way to create any result is to become the person who creates that result. The person who drops the past and starts thinking from the future.

Imagine you are already the person who has what you want. What is she thinking? What is she feeling?

Write it down and start practicing it. Every- damn- day.

Many of us don’t believe in our dreams because we think we have to know the exact path to get there. But when we stop using our past to define our future and when we start thinking and feeling like that person who possesses all that potential and has achieved the goal-

That’s the shortcut to stop letting your past create your future.

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