Janelle Jai - 5 Emotions

“The actions I’m taking don’t ever seem to work!” “I’ve tried everything!” “I can’t figure it out!”………

Says everyone at some point….

Sound familiar?

I’ve been there. It can feel like pulling a 1000 pound brick uphill. It’s hard, no fun, and you want to do anything but take the action you need to take to get the results you want. Everyone’s journey to achieving their goals is going to be different, but when I start with any of these 5 emotions I create my best results.

You see, we’ve had it backward. The way we’ve been taught is that action creates the result, and then we get to feel that fantastic emotion we’ve been wanting.

This is the thinking that takes the fun out of the action. It’s the thinking that makes it feel hard and impossible, and it’s the thinking that slows you down.

Starting with emotions first always creates more effective action, more fun as you take action, and better results in the end.

Emotions are vibrations in our bodies caused by molecules within us vibrating. Thoughts are what cause this vibration.

Emotions are literally a vibrational expression of our thoughts. Every feeling good or bad is coming from a thought you are thinking.

The good news is we always have control over our thoughts and, therefore, our emotions.

This doesn’t mean we need to or will feel positive emotion all of the time; after all, life is 50/50. It does mean we have control and can decide what we want to feel and think and use our emotions as leverage to move us forward.

So here are my top 5 emotions that I chose and feel on purpose before I take any action on my goal.

1. Commitment
2. Curiosity
3. Ease
4. Love
5. Empowered

Feel free to borrow these emotions and see how they change your energy, your actions, and the results you get.

Find and start with your top 5 emotions and create your best results.

Remember, learning to feel and think on purpose takes practice. It’s a process, and the shift is your choice.

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