Chaos to Calm Janelle

For me, 2020 has felt like it’s been filled with Chaos. That is a thought of coarse, and when I think it I start looking for all the ways it’s true, which only leaves me feeling more worry, stress, overwhelm, and chaos.

But just because the world seems crazy doesn’t mean you have to live with chaos in your life and body.

It doesn’t have to be hard.

You can calm the chaos 15 minutes or less.

In fact, it’s possible in just a minute.

Here are a few of my best ways to calm the chaos in 15 minutes or less.

~ Choose how you want to feel on purpose.

Notice what you are thinking when you start to feel the emotions of chaos. Things like anxiety, overwhelm, and stress. Emotions are messengers. They tell us something is not right. Get out a pen and paper and do a brain dump.

Write all the things you are thinking then go back and circle what you have control over. It’s easy to invite chaos in by thinking we have control over others actions. We don’t. We only have control over ourselves.

Now decide. how you want to feel. In control of yourself? Curious? Love? Compassion? Choose two or three thoughts that create the emotion you want to feel and post them in a place you will see them.

Reminding yourself what you want to think on purpose takes practice. Our brains will always go back to default when we don’t.

~Change your motion and change your emotion.

It’s scientifically proven that when we change our motion our emotions will follow suit. Why? Because movement produces feel-good hormones in our bodies and it requires us to breathe.

While a walk or a fitness class is amazing for this and I absolutely recommend it, it doesn’t have to be this type of movement. Simply taking five deep breaths through your nose and out of your mouth is sometimes all we need.

If five doesn’t do the trick do five more. You can sit up straighter or stand taller.

Another quick way is a 2-3 minute dance party. Pick a song turn it up and dance your heart out (I did this in my kitchen this morning).

~Let go of judgment.

Whenever we are thinking things that involve the words “should” or “shouldn’t” we are judging ourselves or others and judgment never feels good. It causes us to judge ourselves if we aren’t already. It creates tension, worry, frustration, and anger within.

Letting go of judgment requires awareness that we are judging. Then it requires you to feel how awful it feels to be judged. Think of a time you felt judged or judged yourself. How did it feel?

You can replace judgment with thoughts like:

*That’s interesting

*They must be in a really bad place.

* I can only control me.

* I’m working on getting better.

~Ask great questions.

*Where can I find love?

*Does this thought serve me?

*What am I grateful for?

*Why am I so damn fabulous?

Hit reply and share yours with me.

Remember, the experience you are having in your mind and body is optional. We always get to choose even when it feels like it’s happening to you. 

Stopping the spiraling and softening the feelings in the pit of your stomach by taking the reign on your brain is key. It’s how we calm the chaos.

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