Hey There,

I'm Janelle

I help women over 50 crush the crisis and create midlife magic.

What does midlife magic mean? It’s the magic of believing in and creating the life and health you want in midlife and beyond and not just accepting the one you think you’re stuck with.

Here’s how I can help you:

When I hit midlife I really felt like I was doing it all wrong. By 50 I just knew I should have it figured out. I should know my purpose, be over questioning my value and worth and trying to validate it from things outside of me. I should know how to create the kind of relationships I want to have with my adult kids and my partner and create new relationships without it feeling so hard.

And after 50 years of experience I should for sure have my relationship to money, weight and health figured out.

On top of it there’s the hormones, aging parents, career transitions, and asking the question, “Who am I now?” with no answer.

The truth was I didn’t have it figured out.

Why? Because mid-life is a transition. It’s identity shaking and identity shifting. It’s letting go and letting in. It’s creating this next and possibly best chapter of our life on purpose.

Your life is meant to be lived. Your passions are meant to be pursued. The desires you hold in your heart and mind are there for a reason.

You already have everything you need to create exactly what you want.

Our work together isn’t about you not being amazing as you are, it’s about becoming something you are not, it’s about unbecoming all the things that hold you back tell you can’t be, do and have everything you want in this chapter. No crisis, no regrets.

And I am here to help. So pull up a chair and grab a cup to tea, or wine- your choice and let me tell you a few facts about me.


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Fact 01

 I’m a mom of two amazing daughters, who I raised them alone while pursuing a teaching career and Nana to three beautifulgrandchildren.

Fact 02

I was adopted and in my mid-twenties found my birth family, packed up my kids and left Colorado for California to get to know this family I never knew (totally with my adopted family’s blessing of course).

Fact 03

I’ve been a bartender, waitress, pool hustler (you know billiards), ranch hand, teacher, principal and school superintendent. Then just a few years ago made a midlife leap. I left my job with all the security to go after my passion to coach and I’ve got no regrets.

Fact 04

I’ve got a B.A. in Sociology, Masters in Education, and certifications in Life, Health, and Weight coaching. Learning is a passion I’ll always keep pursuing.

Fact 05

After 15 years in a long-distance relationship, I not only left my job, I left California and the little valley where my kids and grandkids live and moved to Nevada to not only pursue my coaching career but create a life with a man that’s absolutely perfect for me. I know it because I love him and I decided he was.

Fact 06

In addition to learning new things I love time with my family, my partner, my daily walks with my dog, writing, exercise, meditation, travel, working in my yard, dinners and coffee on the patio, and gratitude.

Fact 07

My superpower? I’ve got a few. I’m great at turning lemons into lemonade, you know, finding the good in the bad, creating new habits, and showing other midlife women how to create the life they want without the crisis.

Fact 08

I’ve had battles with weight, depression, and anxiety along with a few other health issues. It’s what led me to pursue my certifications and I use what I’ve learned every day to create more peace, joy, love, confidence, and fun in my life and I get to help my clients do the same.

Fact 09

I’ve still got lots of goals and dreams including growing my business to serve more women just like you and me, writing a book, learning to dance, and deepening all my relationships. And of coarse, growing me.

I’m not perfect and I definitely don’t pretend to be, but what I do know is that if I can find all my magic in midlife, so can you. It’s all possible and when you’re ready I’m here to help.

“Janelle has to be one of the most compassionate women I’ve ever met. I was really struggling with debilitating fatigue when I joined her coaching program. Melanie goes above and beyond with her time and deep knowledge and understanding of all things holistic. Being a busy mother herself, she just ‘gets it !”





You don’t have to do this alone!

There are so many ways I can help, I’m here for you.