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I’ll teach you the art of advanced mindset so you can manifest your goals in half the time.

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About me

After climbing to the top in my industry, I realized it wasn’t getting to the top that was going to create fulfillment in my life it was going after the life I truly desired to live that that would and that’s what I did.

At 49, despite what others and my own brain told me about leaving the great job with the great salary and all the perks I jumped.

And after many years of trying to hustle my way to the top as a coach just like I had in corporate, I learned a new way to success a way that was fun.

I discovered that success really IS 95% mindset and 5% action. And by becoming a student of mindset and the laws that create results I started creating my own big results and the rough road to the coaching career I desired smoothed out. 

I began hitting goals in all areas of my life not just my coaching business.

Now I’m ready to help you think your way to the results you want with these advanced mindset skills. 

The truth is everything begins in the mind and is created with the mind. When you work with me you’ll make quantum growth and create the life and coaching business you desire.

Together we’ll make the impossible possible.

Let’s do it!

Does this sound like you?

If you landed here chances are you want more. You know, you’ve hit those mid-life years and there’s something in your life or body you’re just not happy with and want change. You might be in mid-life but you’ve still got big dreams. You’ve done all the “right” things. Maybe you’ve gone to college, married, had children, worked in a career you once loved and enjoyed, and adored that time of your life (or at least most of those minutes) but now, in this phase, you have new dreams.

Or maybe you’ve tried over and over and just can’t cross the finish line.  Maybe you desire to release weight, get out of stress and overwhelm,  regain your health, re-define your relationship with your body, or change careers and find happiness, passion, and peace. You’re ready to gain confidence and energy, change careers, or start a new business or relationship.

But, if you’re not fulfilling your desires or living on autopilot it can feel like a mundane existence and passionless life.  

It’s easy to think thoughts like “but I have such a great family” or “I have a good job so I should just be happy” or maybe, “this is just how my life is going to go and how it’s happening for me”. The thing is it’s ok to have a pretty good life…or even a great one and still want more, after all, you and I deserve to thrive, but it’s up to you to make the next move and write a new story. It’s time to start falling in love with the possibilities for yourself. It’s time to start going for what seems impossible.

Here’s the thing, it’s probably not the systems, the doing, the food, the exercise or the efforting holding you back from feeling fulfilled and successful in this time of your life.

Those things aren’t what’s keeping you from living a joyful, passion-filled life with no regret.  It’s your beliefs and the thoughts you have each day that’s holding you back.

The work I do with the women is from the inside out. We take a dive deep into the inner work you know, those thoughts, beliefs, and stories that stop you from starting or get you stuck so you can finally have the outer results they want.

Yes, you absolutely get the strategy pieces, but without diving deep into the inner, you’ll likely never make your desires a reality. You’ll never write the story of your life that you want to write and this mid-life time will never feel like the exciting, empowered life you want and worse yet, you’ll look back with regret. It ALL starts with the beliefs and thoughts you’re having AND all of it changes when we change those beliefs and you learn to manage those thoughts.

My coaching is loaded with compassion, love, inspiration, and education all to guide you in rewriting your story. All designed to make the impossible possible. If you’re ready to stop with the quick fix solutions ( i.e. you can’t take one more diet plan, biz or career coach, just offering strategy or…) then you’re in the right place and I’m the right coach.

Yes, this can be scary stuff, but I’m here to walk with you the entire way because I’ve been where you are, and it’s my job to help you get where you’re going. If you’re ready to make it happen, you’re committed to doing the work and know you want a mentor to walk with you every step of the way then let’s talk. I can’t promise your transformation will be quick and easy but I can promise you will transform and it will be totally worth it.

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